Sedation Dentistry

laughing gas and oral sedation

Millions of dental patients each year utilize some form of sedation for their dental work. Fear is a perfectly natural response and for many folks dentistry tops the list of things to be afraid of. The sad reality is, many people put off dental procedures because of their anxiety, and their relatively small problem gets worse. The cycle continues until they are in enough pain to seek help, and as we all know, the last thing anyone wants is a toothache.

Don’t let your fear get in the way!

Sandalwood offers several convenient options for sedation. Most simply we can administer laughing gas which, for most people, takes the edge off and still allows you to safely drive home or back to work. For extended procedures or for those people with a lot of anxiety, you may choose oral sedation in which a pill or liquid that makes you feel drowsy and relaxed is administered in the office. With oral sedation a driver is required to bring you home.

IV sedation

In the event that you would like to doze easily through your treatment, Dr. Strepka is happy to help with IV sedation . The best part of IV sedation is that the majority of patients have little to no memory of the procedure and feel like they had a really great nap.

Let us know how we can make you comfortable!! 

If you choose the option of intravenous sedation your IV sedation/anesthesia is administered and monitored by Dr. Strepka, therefore eliminating the costly expense of having your treatment carried out in an operating room or same-day surgical facility.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

Pediatric sedation is one of the most requested services in dentistry today.  Unfortunately dental disease in young children is far too common and often times it is impossible to properly treat without sedation.  At Sandalwood we use several time-tested methods such as Tell-Show-Do and voice control to accomplish much of our treatment, however, this is often simply not enough for some of our younger patients.  Dr. Strepka and Dr. Menning are certified in pediatric protective stabilization as well as Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  They have the combined experience of over 4,500 pediatric sedations.  Recently pediatric dental sedation has made headlines for all of the wrong reasons and we challenge you to ask us more about it so that we can help ease your mind.